South Bangalore’s morning charm

In the vibrant city of Bangalore, where life moves at a rapid pace, there’s something serene about starting your day with a leisurely morning walk. And if you happen to find yourself in Jaya Nagar, there’s a delightful route that’ll take you through the heart of the neighborhood, all the way to the iconic Bull Temple Road, MN Krishna Rao Park. If you are an walking Enthusiast and you are in Bangalore, this will be one of the g8routes that you can follow for morning walks.

Get up Early:

I may sound a bit unconventional, but believe me, waking up early in the morning, especially on weekends, has become my favourite ritual. While some may argue that weekends are meant for extra sleep and lazy mornings, I’ve discovered that Bangalore unveils its true beauty in the early hours. So, let’s not miss out on the serene charm of Bangalore. Rise and shine at 5-5:30 am on weekends, and let’s immerse ourselves in the breathtaking mornings this city has to offer

From where to start:

“If you don’t live in Jayanagar, you can drive to the area and park your vehicle near Jayanagar Metro Station. Alternatively, you can reach Jayanagar by taking the metro (green line) or a bus.”

Jaya Nagar’s Neighborhood Charm:

Walking on Jayanagar streets on a weekend morning is a tranquil delight. The streets are quiet, the air is fresh, and the vibe is relaxed. It’s the perfect time to enjoy a leisurely stroll, soak in the charm of the neighborhood, and start your day on a peaceful note. As the sun peeks over the horizon, casting a warm glow on the streets, Jayanagar awakens with a quiet charm that’s truly enchanting. Jayanagar is known for its big trees that line the streets, providing shade and a cool atmosphere. Plus, there’s a metro line that runs through the area, making it easy to get around the neighborhood and beyond.

Fuel Up your body & mind:

As you walk, you’ll encounter a tapestry of sights and sounds that make Jayanagar so special. From the aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee wafting out of local cafes to the vibrant colors of the flower markets that line the streets, every corner holds a new discovery waiting to be made. This aroma will absolutely fuel your body & mind

Onwards to Bull Temple Road:

Alright, Let’s speed up and head towards Bull Temple Road. As you navigate the bustling streets, keep your eyes peeled for the sights and sounds of Bangalore waking up. From street vendors hawking fresh fruits to the melodic chants emanating from nearby temples, there’s never a dull moment in this city.

Take a break (MN Krishna Rao Park):

Take a break and relax at MN Rao Park in Basvangudi. Sit under the shade of the trees, listen to the birds chirping, and recharge your batteries before continuing your exploration.

Spread across 25 acres, the square-shaped park is named after Sir MN Krishna Rao, who was the acting dewan of the Mysore princely state in 1941 In the early 1940s, Rao contributed Rs 20,000 from his personal funds to build the park and also laid its foundation stone.

Basavanagudi is one of those South Bangalore places that still have some solid green cover. The park is a perfect place in Basvangudi for morning running, yoga, jogging, excericise, relaxing with reading book, to play outdoor sports like cricket, football, basketball etc. The park also has a play area for kids with slides and swings as well as a mini jungle gym

Behold, the Bull Temple:

And there it is, folks – the main attraction – the Bull Temple. Towering above its surroundings, this architectural marvel is a sight to behold. The Bull Temple, also known as Nandi Temple, is one of the oldest temples in the city of Bengaluru, is famous for its large statue of the sacred bull, Nandi. The temple is estimated to have been built in the year 1537 by a ruler named Kempe Gowda who is famous as the founder of Karnataka’s capital city, Bengaluru.

Heading Back with a nice breakfast:

That sounds like a wonderful plan! After exploring the beauty of the local places surrounding the Bull Temple, you can find a breakfast spot near your starting point for the 7 km walk. Since you’ll likely have worked up an appetite, enjoying a delicious breakfast after burning some calories can be quite satisfying. So ,Near Jayanagar 4th Block Metro Station, you’ll find several breakfast spots offering a variety of options to start your day like  Vidyarthi bhavan,CTR, Uphara Darshini where you can enjoy delicious south Indian breakfast.

Final Thoughts:

As you kick off your shoes and collapse onto the nearest couch, take a moment to reflect on the morning’s escapade. From the tranquil lanes of Jaya Nagar to the vibrant energy of Bull Temple Road, you have experienced South Bangalore’s local vibe that releases a charming blend of tradition and modernity, with vibrant markets, lush greenery, and a welcoming community spirit.

Absolutely! A worthy morning walk indeed , Until next time, keep walking.

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